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Kathryn Burdett Griffiths

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Kathryn began riding at the age of 11 with DiAnn Langer at the Los Angeles Equestrian center.  Her love and passion for horses began to take on a life of it’s own and her parents soon learned that this was not a passing phase.  With their support, she grew up riding and showing at some of the best horse shows in southern California such as the Oaks, Showpark and Del Mar.  Although she achieved many successes in the hunter and equitation ring as a junior, her true passion was with the jumpers.  The precise detail and non- subjective format allowed her talents to flourish. She took home many blue ribbons with her horses such as Thompson, Pre, Kimball, and Springtime in the junior and later armature owner jumpers.  Her winning ways lead to numerous PCHA year-end championships.  She was a member of the West Coast Active Riders team multiple times in Spruce Meadows as well as winning numerous classes in both the Canada One and North American tournaments.


As a young amateur, Kathryn traveled to the east coast to train with Barney and McClain Ward while she maintained her home training with Santiago Rickard from Argentina.   She also traveled many times to Germany to ride for and train with Sabine Balzer and Christian Ahlman.  She was exposed to many different styles and training methods that allowed her to begin to formulate her own program for her horses.  


After studing at Pepperdine University, Kathryn knew that the horses would always be the major focus in life. With the help of her parents, she founded Sunset Equine Farms.  Every detail of the facility was carefully thought out and planned with the horses safety and comfort as the top priority.  She envisioned a peaceful, tranquil environment that provided the kind of atmosphere to truly enjoy the horse/ human relationship.  Her patience and quiet determination set the foundation of the business.  She found her niche with the rehab horses due to the precise, careful, and individualized care required.  She began receiving recommendations from Equine hospitals to care for horses upon their release.  


In 2009, Kathryn decided to merge her patient, calm, and encouraging way of caring for horses with the coaching of their riders.  Several owners were so impressed with the care and effort given to their horses during the rehab process that they decided to stay. Kathryn’s training program focuses on correct and traditional horsemanship and combines different aspects from all the greats she has worked with.  Now she divides her time between training a small group of clients, and implementing the care for the rehab and retirement horses.  She is also a regular competitor with her two jumpers, Ledinos and Wow.


In 2012, Kathryn took on the coaching of the University of Southern California’s Equestrian team.  She easily relates to the challenges young college students face while trying to balance a successful riding carer as well as being a successful student.  She has created a program that teaches the riders  techniques to easily adapt to the many different horses they encounter while competing in the intercollegiate horse show association (IHSA) and provides a peaceful and supportive environment for them to explore their passions for horses.  Her experience as a USEF ‘r’ licenced judged brings a unique perspective.

Jose Luis Gonzalez

Jose Luis has been part of the Sunset family since the beginning. He is an expert in all things related to the horses and cares for each as if they were his own.